Home Energy Storage System A319

HESS A319 Model

Introducing the new Home Energy Storage System (HESS) A319 brought to you by Alberfield. This new and exciting product is an all-in-one renewable energy inverter and storage system eliminating the need for multiple devices!

HESS A319 is an all-in-one renewable energy inverter and storage system.  The intelligent HESS model A319 consists of an advanced lithium battery that utilises renewable energy for usage and stores excess energy for later use. The A319 model is available in 6.5 and 13kWhr configurations and can be easily expanded to accommodate additional storage.

The all-in-one system eliminates the need for a variety of devices as it includes a powerful 5kVA inverter and the ability to convert and store energy in one efficient model. The battery is the latest technology from LG Chem and has a 10 year performance warranty. This sleek and stylish product is made in Western Australia and tailored for Australian conditions. It is easy to use and install and can be controlled via a touch screen controller pad or alternatively through a mobile App on your smart phone or tablet.  Its hybrid design allows for compatibility with both solar and grid charging. It can be installed in approximately an hour either under eaves or in your garage, as the dimensions of the cabinet are 1100mm x 587mm.



Pricing for this product starts at $12,600 + GST

Installation from $500-$1000

*Installation costs may vary after site inspection

Made in WA by Magellan Power

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