Part of Alberfield’s services are a range of practical power system solutions to suit your backup or main power supply needs. 

Redilight — Natural lighting systems

Alberfield is delighted to announce a new partnership with Redilight, bringing the Natural lighting system to WA!  The Redilight Natural lighting system uses the latest LED technology to bring light to any room in your home, as the solar panel harnesses the suns energy which is transferred directly to a LED light on your ceiling

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Energy Storage Solutions

Alberfield can provide energy storage solutions using flow technology.

Flow technology uses a liquid electrolyte to store energy. This flow technology does not suffer from cycle degradation or thermal runaway.

We can offer two types of flow technology. Vanadium and zinc bromine.

Read more for a quick synopsis of the zinc bromine technology. Contact info@alberfield.com.au for more detailed information.

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