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Alberfield is thrilled to announce a new partnership with energy storage specialists redT.

This partnership will combine redT’s international energy storage experience with Alberfield’s knowledge of the Western Australian market.

As partners we are committed to designing and building energy storage systems using redT flow machines but have the capacity to incorporate other battery technologies for a client’s complete power and energy requirements.



redT’s vanadium redox flow machines address the disadvantages of conventional batteries. They work by using the flow of vanadium electrolyte across an ion exchange membrane. When this exchange occurs, a reversible electrochemical reaction takes place, allowing electrical energy to be stored and subsequently returned. The technology relies on the ability of vanadium to exist in four different oxidation states (V2+, V3+, V4+ and V5+), each of which holds a different electrical charge. redT’s storage machines use this ‘flow’ of the vanadium electrolyte, separated by an ion exchange membrane.

The setup of the electrolyte and the membrane stack can be compared to that of an engine and fuel tanks. The membrane stack (the engine) delivers power rated in kilowatts (kW), whilst the vanadium electrolyte (the fuel) delivers energy rated in kilowatt hours (kWh).


redT’s ‘energy centric’ storage machines deliver sustained power for long durations without degrading making them ideal for heavy use in a range of different applications. These include;

  • for renewable energy use 24/7 365 days a year
  • as a grid revenue storage machine
  • as the centre of an off-grid energy system
  • to reinforce networks
  • to achieve grid security as part of a utility scale storage system
  • as part of a hybrid energy storage system alongside conventional batteries such as lithium ion, lead-acid or supercapacitors

Each of the storage machines has a technology life of 25 years. After 25 years the electrolyte can be transferred to a new flow machine where it will continue working.

Alberfield will provide indicative costs for initial project estimating and feasibility studies. If these are acceptable Alberfield and redT will conduct a case study to ensure the flow machine will meet your energy and economic requirements.

Alberfield will provide local support and maintenance to ensure your flow machine enjoys optimal performance over its economic life.

Click here for a 5 minute masterclass to learn the basics of redT’s energy storage solutions.

Do you have a project that requires an innovative energy solution?

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Alternatively, contact Harry on 0451284043 for a general discussion of your requirements.

Click here for a summary of redT in Australia and here for more extensive information about redT’s capabilities worlwide.


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