Redilight — The Natural Lighting System

Alberfield is delighted to announce a new partnership with Redilight, bringing the Natural Lighting System Revolution to WA!  The Redilight Natural Lighting System uses the latest LED technology to bring light to any number of rooms in your home, as the solar panel harnesses the suns energy which is transferred directly to a LED light on your ceiling.

The Redilight fixtures can be placed in one room or several depending on what arrangement is desired.


Redilights natural lighting system is an energy-smart solution which brightens dark areas in the home or office. Unlike traditional skylights, Redilights innovative design overcomes the challenges of building structures, difficult rooflines and multi-level dwellings. Simply mount the solar panel on the roof and run the interconnecting cable to the Redilight skyfixture!

How it works

The Redilight solar panel converts energy from the sun delivering extra low voltage to your Redilight skyfixture(s). The light works on a sun-up-sun-down effect, with the brightness increasing as the sun rises during the day then decreasing as the sun sets.


The Redilight system is currently available in four different configurations; a 30 Watt SPECTRA, 75 Watt Spectra, 150 Watt Spectra and 250 Watt Spectra. Each kit can be customised to the customers requirements, choosing the suitable Solar panel kit and then the skyfixture kit, with accessories such as the day/night switch being added on at the end.

For further information, download the Redilight brochure here.

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