Redflow’s Zinc Bromide Modules

Energy storage is a vital requirement for a number of commercial operations. Zinc Bromide Modules (ZBM) have a wide variety of applications in this market, including remote and rural electrification, telecommunications remote power, industry and mining, renewable energy integration and as backup energy sources. As they are on-site, they can provide a stable power supply in the absence of a grid connection or during grid interruptions or failures. 

Redflow ZBM

Redflow’s ZBM

The ZBM is a flow battery consisting of two tanks of liquid electrolyte that are separated by a membrane. In this case the chemical solutions are Zinc and Bromide. Ion exchange occurs between these two tanks through the membrane creating a voltage between the two liquids, without the liquids actually coming into contact with each other. This provides a flow of electric current when the battery is connected to an external load or power source to draw energy from or charge the battery.

The Redflow ZBM features ‘Building Block Technology’ that utilises modular design which is flexible for every energy need. The ZBM can be used in parallel or series configurations, enabling capacity configurations from kWh to MWh-scale.

These ZBMs are currently available in three models, the ZBM system (8kWh 48V), the ZBM2 system (10kWh 48V) and the ZBM3 system (11kWh 53V), in grid-connected or off-grid configurations.

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