Introduction to HAZOP Basics (HAZOP Participation)

Designed for HAZOP participants, managers and other interested parties

This course delivers training in practical HAZOP participation. It provides attendees with the skills and knowledge to become confident HAZOP Participants with the ability to actively and meaningfully engage with a HAZOP study. The course includes industry based examples of real events, to illustrate and emphasize the importance of correct application of the concepts being conveyed, and the importance of active participation by attendees. Training includes the methods of a HAZOP as found in Australian Standard AS IEC 61882- 2003.

The course runs over one half-day.

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Course Benefits

Course Participants will:

1. Learn the origin of HAZOPs and the process plant disasters that led to their development.
2. Learn why HAZOPs are carried out and what they deliver.
3. Learn the HAZOP methodology.
4. Learn about the role of HAZOPs in the legal framework of OHS.
5. Learn about the requirements for HAZOP reporting and record keeping.
6. Learn about the deliverables from a HAZOP.

Course Cost

The nominal cost of this course is $400 per head ex. GST ($440 incl. GST) including all materials, refreshments, venue hire etc. as needed for delivery in a capital city.

Numbers for this course are limited to 20 persons to ensure maximum training value for attendees.

 On Demand

We offer this course on demand for individual clients on a flat rate basis. On demand courses can be delivered on site at a suitable venue or at the client’s preferred alternate location (e.g. nearest town, capital city etc.). Reimbursable expenses will apply for courses delivered at the client’s request outside a capital city to cover Course Presenter travel time and related expenses.

To enquire about our on demand course option, contact us at or call us on 08 9288 0682.

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