Industrial Gas Appliance Maintenance Course

This course is intended for “Supervised Gas Fitters”, Maintainers, Technicians or Engineers responsible for “Type B” Gas Appliance maintenance and integrity.

This course provides companies with a path to compliance with Energy Safety (WA) licensing requirements, for personnel working on “Type B” appliances, to receive industrial gas fitting training. “Type B” appliances include: gas fired boilers, kilns, calciners, dryers, roasters, inert gas generators and gas turbines.

The course is usually conducted on-site, enabling us to visit and incorporate the on-site “Type B” appliances into the training and familiarise personnel with their own gas installation.

This course can be combined with our “Supervised Gasfitters” Training Course if required (giving a combined duration of 2 days).

By itself, this course runs over one day.

Learning Outcomes

The course is structured to Energy Safety (ES) WA guidelines.

  1. Explain methods of isolating and de-pressuring gas systems in accordance with permit-to-work principles
  2. Identify gas systems that require “purging”, before carrying out any maintenance work
  3. Explain the design concepts of gas valve trains
  4. Explain why gas pressure regulation is important for safety and combustion;
  5. Understand the primary cause of explosions, safe air/gas ratio, critical energy/critical time and purpose of measuring excess air
  6. Explain the principles of operation of a burner management system (BMS)
  7. Select suitable “approved” components for “like for like” replacement
  8. Specify critical instruments and importance of set point data
  9. Determine pressure (soundness) testing requirements on completion of work


Course Cost

The cost of this course will be outlined in a written proposal, following discussions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


For more information or to book a session, contact us at, or call us on 08 9288 0682.


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