Alberfield has trained and delivered HAZOP Facilitator Training Course in the past years to help attendees in practical HAZOP facilitation, providing with the skills and knowledge to become proficient HAZOP Facilitators.

The course included “hands on” training in preparing, delivering, recording and reporting HAZOP materials and outcomes, with the emphasis on correct Facilitation to ensure rigour in compliance with safety objectives and regulatory requirements, while maintaining efficiency of the review process to maintain value for the client. Training includes the methods of a HAZOP as found in Australian Standard AS IEC 61882–2017.

Course Benefits

Participants have gained:

1. Gained skills and techniques in the facilitation of a HAZOP workshop.
2. Learnt about the origin of HAZOPs and their development.
3. Learnt why HAZOPs are carried out and what they deliver.
4. Practice the HAZOP methodology.
5. Learnt about the role of HAZOPs in the legal framework of OHS.
6. Gained skills in HAZOP logging (minute taking).
7. Learnt about the requirements for HAZOP reporting and record keeping.
8. Learnt about the key deliverables from a HAZOP.

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