redflow ZBM3 zinc bromine energy storage system - small & efficient.

Do you need an energy storage system that is small and robust with the ability to fully charge & discharge without long term loss?

A system that will easily handle the variable generation of solar PV?

A system that can handle ambient temperatures up to 50C without active cooling?

A system in which the electrolyte is not effected by thermal runaway?

A system the can be recycled or repurposed at end of life?

This is the redflow ZBM3 — a 3kW 10kWh module that is adaptable to MWh capacities.



How about your home?

The residential version of the ZBM3 is supplied in its own weatherproof external housing as a 3kW 10kWh energy storage system. Below is a picture of an installation in Coogee, WA.



We understand that your needs and requirements are unique.

Let us work with you to fully understand and document what you require so we can design a solution that works for you.

In addition we can design a solution that will provide the additional energy required to maximize your energy usage and storage requirements.

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