Part of Alberfield’s services are a range of practical power system solutions to suit your backup or main power supply needs.


Introducing the new Home Energy Storage System (HESS) A319 brought to you by Alberfield. This new and exciting product is an all-in-one renewable energy inverter and storage system eliminating the need for multiple devices!

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Redilight — Natural lighting systems

Alberfield is delighted to announce a new partnership with Redilight, bringing the Natural lighting system to WA!  The Redilight Natural lighting system uses the latest LED technology to bring light to any room in your home, as the solar panel harnesses the suns energy which is transferred directly to a LED light on your ceiling

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redT’s Energy Storage Solutions

Alberfield is thrilled to announce a new partnership with energy storage specialists redT. This partnership will combine redT’s international energy storage experience with Alberfield’s knowledge of the Western Australian market. redT’s ‘energy centric’ storage machines deliver sustained power for long durations without degrading making them ideal for heavy use in a range of different applications.

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Hydrogenics Hydrogen Power Systems


As the world looks to reduce dependence on power generation using petroleum derived fuels, hydrogen gas is fast developing into an efficient and sustainable power option. In a partnership with Hydrogenics, Alberfield brings the efficiency and sustainability of hydrogen power systems to WA. These Hydrogen Power Systems use hydrogen gas as a fuel source and a proton exchange membrane to create a direct current power supply.

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