New to Alberfield’s services are a range of practical power system solutions to suit your backup or main power supply needs.

Hydrogen Power

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  In an exciting partnership with Hydrogenics and CoverTel Power, Alberfield brings the                 efficiency and sustainability of hydrogen power systems to WA.

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Redflow’s Zinc Bromide Modules

Redflow ZBM  In an innovative partnership with Redflow and CoverTel Power, Alberfield brings the reliability     and flexibility of ZBM’s to WA. 

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Solamate-Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling System

Now available to Alberfield, as channel partner to Covertel, is the exciting solar thermal heating system SolaMate. This heating system delivers low emission winter air heating and summer air cooling, whilst also providing improved indoor air quality by filtering the air, providing relief for asthma, allergy and hayfever sufferers

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This small unit will save you money if you have solar PV with an electric storage hot water system! This new and exciting product the Powerdiverter, by Covertel and now available through Alberfield, enables you to use 100% of your solar power.

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Introducing the new Home Energy Storage System (HESS) A319 brought to you by Alberfield. This new and exciting product is an all-in-one renewable energy inverter and storage system eliminating the need for multiple devices!


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REDi-lite – The Skylight Revolution

Alberfield is delighted to announce a new partnership with REDi-lite, bringing the Skylight Revolution to WA!  The REDi-lite Solar Hybrid Skylight uses the latest LED technology to bring light to any room in your home, as the solar panel harnesses the suns energy which is transferred directly to a LED light on your ceiling


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