Hydrogen Power Systems

Hydrogen Power Systems put the electrolyser and the fuel cell together to create a system that generates its own fuel, resulting in a regular source of electrical power.

Indoor design

An Indoor Hydrogen Power System

Hydrogen Power Systems use hydrogen gas as a fuel source and a proton exchange membrane to create a direct current power supply.

Hydrogen Power Systems can range from 1.5kW backup power systems (see Zeus Backup Power Systems) to 1MW+ standalone power stations.

The hydrogen fuel cell can also be combined with solar, wind or other clean power supplies to create a self‐sustaining Hybrid Power System.  Hybrid power systems provide consistent power for a twenty‐four hour period by harnessing the surplus power of solar and wind. This surplus power is used to create H2, which powers the fuel cell to enhance and balance the power supply. The hybrid system can be designed as an efficient and sustainable power supply ideal for remote regions and off‐grid locations.

Hydrogenics is also a key player in the personal and commercial transport industry, designing and manufacturing fuel cells for cars and buses, as well as forty‐five hydrogen refueling stations around the world.

For further information, download the Hydrogen Power Systems Brochure.

Alberfield can assist you to design the best hydrogen manufacturing and storage system for your current and future needs.

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design considerations questionnaire

Hydrogen Power Systems create and utilise hydrogen gas as the fuel to produce electrical power through a fuel cell. The following questionnaire will evaluate hydrogen production based on the power output required from the fuel cells. These questions enable a preliminary design to be completed to allow for an initial cost assessment for a hydrogen production facility meeting your nominated requirements. Depending on the information provided, a more detailed assessment may be required before a formal quotation is provided.
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