Hydrogen Gas Supply

High quality hydrogen is required for a large number of industrial processes. Electrolysers therefore have a wide variety of industrial applications, such as metallurgy, power plants, the food industry and in the production of electronic components.  Electrolysers can also be used to supply hydrogen to fuel cells. As they are on‐site, electrolysers remove the need for external hydrogen supply, enabling independence and self‐sustainability of power generation.


The HySTAT 60 Containerised System

Electrolysers are devices that produce hydrogen and oxygen through the process of electrolysis.

Electrolysis is an electrochemical reaction that splits water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, using electricity. It is a 100% emission free and carbon‐free process.

Electrolysers can be installed inside a building or in a fully containerised system for the onsite production of hydrogen. The production system will firstly remove any minerals or contaminants in its water supply before the electrolyser creates the hydrogen. The hydrogen then goes through a cleaning process which creates a gas with of 99.998% purity. With the addition of an oxygen clean and capture system it is possible to create and store oxygen at a medical grade level.

The addition of fuel cells into the container creates a self‐contained power supply ideal for remote power requirements.

For further information, download the Hydrogen Working Gas Brochure.

Alberfield can assist you to design the best hydrogen manufacturing and storage system for your current and future needs.

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The following questionnaire will help establish your key requirements and assist us in designing and costing the best system for your needs.

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Design considerations questionnaire

The HySTAT Hydrogen containerised gas production system can accommodate a range of production and storage needs. The following questionnaire is designed to begin the process of creating a purpose built hydrogen production system to meet your current and future needs. These questions enable a preliminary design to be completed to allow for an initial cost assessment for a hydrogen production facility meeting your nominated requirements. Depending on the information provided, a more detailed assessment may be required before a formal quotation is provided.
  • Current purity levels start at 98.80%.
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  • Demineralised water is required for hydrogen production.
  • If demineralised water is not available on site, the HySTAT system can incorporate a reverse osmosis system to demineralise standard water.
  • Cooling water is a production requirement. The HySTAT system can provide a closed loop cooling option (this prevents contamination).
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  • Please provide in $AUD per Nm3.
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  • We can offer a remote power supply by using the hydrogen generated in fuel cells.
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